Catchy Name Theatre Company 

We staged Evil Hamlet, Mitch Mikinos, Something You Might Want, Mad Tom, Corned Beef,  Man Without a Mask and Sam Marlowe 
at the Stagewerx, Phoenix, Boxcar, Actors' Center and Exit theaters in San Francisco. 


Mad Tom
by Jim Strope
directed by Edward Nattenberg

April 2013 at the Boxcar Studios San Francisco

Nancy Hahn as Mom, Brian O'Connor as Bill 
Danika Louise as Sheila
Randy Blair as Joey 
Nathaniel Smith as Tom 
Scott Tignor, Production Manager
Mary Strope, Costumes
Valerie Clear Morgan, Light Design
Jason Wheat, Sound design




Corned Beef
Rob Witowski
Kirsten Broadbear
Miriam Mikiel Grill,
Allen Myers 
Britt Lauer, Michelle Richter

Boxcar Theatre Studio 
San Francisco March 2011

Sam Marlowe

Sam Marlowe
and the mean streets of San Francisco

written by Jim Strope
directed by Edward Nattenberg
March 2012

Cassandra Clark, Jason Wheat, Joe Madero, Valérie Fortin, Brian O'Connor, Glen Caspillo, Derek Raskin, Julie Gillespie, Paul Seliga, Brendan Kierans, James Summers, Maria Graham & Jason Maze

Noir existential set in 1947 San Francisco featuring private eyes Sam Marlowe and Miles Sawyer, red-hot night-club singer Beverly Marlowe, SFPD Detective William Jones, SF Examiner reporter Jimmy Fredericks, and Edna Mersey, chanteuse. 

                without a Mask

Man Without a Mask 
written by Jim Strope 
directed by 
Edward Nattenberg
produced by Doug Marshall 

Edward Nattenberg, Rebecca Pantazes, Leer Relleum, Ted Speros
Leah Shesky, Oliver Greenlaw

Paul Seliga lights & sound

Fridays 8 PM, Saturdays 8 PM, Sundays 7 PM 
October 14th to November 6th 2011 

Phoenix Theatre Annex 
4th floor 
414 Mason Street 
San Francisco 94103

Press Release


Mad Tom

Mad Tom


directed by  
Steve Budd 


Josh Sternin-Moser
Belle Borovik
Nancy Lawson
Doug Marshall
Rob Witowski

produced by 
Doug Marshall

stage-managed by 
Wayne Roadie 
graphic by 
Winnie Chow 


The Selfish Gene in Evil Hamlet



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