Jim Strope

Title Length (mins) Productions Situation Cast
Mitch Mikinos 90 Phoenix Annex, Oct 2009 Wealthy restaurateur compromises his family, business, and social life in San Francisco.  His wife is not pleased.  Retelling of Agamemnon 3 women, 3 men
Something You Might Want 80 Stage Werx 2010 Comedy of triangular love and San Francisco real estate.   1 one woman, 3 men.  
Corned Beef 20 SF Fringe 2003 Stephanie, a young woman, brings Robert, a young man, to her apartment.  She introduces her new friend to Judy, her roommate, and they test his resolve.   2 women, 1 man
Director's Cut 15 SF Fringe 2003 Mike is a suicidal assistant film director who specializes in funeral scenes.  Sheila, his assistant, tries to help get through the filming.  Comedy.   1 man, 1 woman
Evil Hamlet Script 106 Stagewerx, SF, 2009 Shakespeare's Hamlet streamlined for the small stage. The six characters who die and Horatio, the Ghost and the Gravedigger vie for the throne of Denmark. With notes.   Hamlet- 106 minutes 4 men, 2 women
Ironman 10 SF Fringe 2003 Pop and Bud and Sis try to live their dreams but poverty and  ignorance shut them down.   2 men, 1 woman
Mad Tom 23 SF Fringe 2005 Mom visits her son Tom in the hospital vowing to straighten out his life.  Attendants Sheila and Bill try to keep it within the rules.   2 women, 2 men
Pounding 28 SF Fringe 2005, Shotwell Studios 2011 Two hit men with a woman in the trunk of their car consider their next move.  Sam is having second thoughts. Explicit language.   2 men, 1 woman
Next to the Last Man 10 SF Fringe 2005 The two last men on earth try to make it through the night.  What happens to language when there's no one to talk to?   2 men
Corned Beef 90 Boxcar Theatre Studio 2011 Stephanie, a young woman posing as a hooker, brings Robert to her apartment to meet Judy & test his resolve.  Then Mike arrives to give the final exam.   2 women, 2 men
Whence the Hunter 80 Phoenix Annex 2011

Part 3 of the Something You Might Want trilogy.  Originally Man Without a Mask

2 women, 3 men.      
Mad Tom 80 Actor's Center 2010 Catastrophic failure of the family.  Retelling of Hamlet.   2 women, 3 men    
Sam Marlowe 80 Stagewerx 2012

Noir private eye framed for murder.  

2 women, 4 men.  
Contact Jim Strope is a playwright, poet, philosopher, software engineer and backpacker living in San Francisco, producing for the stage in San Francisco, reviewing for Examiner.com and master-minding the lit site www.sfsalvo.com.